Edwin Rosales

Kitchen Manager

Previously, I was master of biscuits and fried chicken at the Front Porch in San Francisco and I joined Green Heart Foods in to cover a shift as a dishwasher. I got promoted right away and I've managed the kitchen since 2012. I taste countless spoonfuls of each dish with Lisa before the food leaves our kitchen to serve thousands.

My favorite part of working with Green Heart Foods is being part of an amazing team. Since we do a different menu every day, I'm always something new, especially about produce.  It's not easy doing a completely new menu everyday, but I love that there’s a challenge whereas in restaurants, everyday can be the same.

I love to eat and cook French food, the fancy kind.  I like that it makes me pay attention and work delicately. It also requires focus and organization. I love Italian food too, my all time favorite is pork osso buco over creamy polenta with gremolata.