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Nautica Welch 

Admin Manager

My mom lived a nomadic lifestyle and picked up a very worldly influence in the kitchen, which instilled a passion for different cuisines in me early on. I have grown to cook and appreciate all flavors but, call it destiny or fate being named Nautica, I find myself craving sushi and other raw fish more often than any other dish. I have always had trouble maintaining a diet of healthy and mindful food, which is why being a part of Green Heart Foods has truly impacted my life for the better.

My favorite part about working with Green Heart Foods is seeing the entire staff work diligently together to accomplish tasks and meet goals that, at first glance, seemed impossible to reach. I have been in the food industry for a long time now, and GHF has by far assembled the highest spirited and most dedicated group of employees that genuinely feel like family. Having worked in many different sides of the company throughout the years, it’s been exciting stepping into a management role and affecting change from a different level. I look forward to continually impacting the growth of a company I believe in.