Lisa Chatham


My path with Green Heart Foods began in 2009. I moved to San Francisco after 10 years in Upstate New York where I attended the Culinary Institute of America and spent time working in the restaurant world. 
I started Green Heart Foods to create as a personal chef service which quickly grew when I was contacted by my first corporate client. I didn’t expect to become an entrepreneur, but I’ve really enjoyed crafting my own business identity. Green Heart Foods has taught me a lot.

Although I now work in an office instead of a kitchen, food is still a passion - grounding me, fueling me, inspiring me. I also believe in the power of food to bring about a connection with others and a richness to the work environment.

I think of this business as a passion project in which my team and I are working to build something we’re proud of.  We want to exemplify our values of integrity, hospitality, balance, and evolution not only in our food, how it’s sourced, and how it’s served, but also in how we treat each other in the workplace, how we build truly supportive relationships with our clients and vendors, and how we impact our environment. Our goal is to positively impact the ecosystem of food and food careers through our work. I believe we can.

Working in such high volume, our choices have a huge impact. We’re ambitiously striving to eliminate all disposables from our kitchens, phasing out aluminum foil and plastic wrap, and employing only reusable or otherwise compostable materials. It’s time to clean up the food service footprint!

When I’m not working on Green Heart Foods, I’m passionate about music. I’m learning to play drums and I love time outdoors.

My favorite food is a perfectly roasted chicken over whatever vegetables are seasonal. …or really good South Indian food with lime pickle on the side. ...or a Green Heart Foods Purple Bowl.